Styling Buttons

Buttons can be styled using your CSS stylesheet, or even through the use of inline CSS.


Create CSS Buttons Tutorials

There are numerous great tutorials out there which will teach you how to create cool buttons and form elements with nothing more than CSS - no JavaScript or jQuery necessary! Here are some of our favorites:


All buttons should be styled the same or similar - everywhere on your page!


Sliding Door Sprites

These are similar to our CSS Image sprites, but will contain text as opposed to text as an image.

Please click ONLY one if you must test... Kick a Puppy Stomp a Cat


Visit Tutorial



Another Sliding Door Button Tutorial




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  1. Written by Johann Ficker
    on December 8, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    Hi, I’m curious how to make rollover CSS without sprites?
    I think that this is only supported by MS Internet Explorer still, so I am not sure how useful it is… they could drop support for this feature at any time… just like they abandoned meta transitions suddenly.

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